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Five Reasons Why EARPANDA PRO 3-IN-1 Can Improve Your ultimate listening experience (1/5)

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Earpanda Pro is Earpanda's New Original Wireless Bluetooth Listening Headphones.

It is designed for seniors and the hard of hearing for hearing TV and Phone better.

Watching TV, talking on the phone, and having face-to-face conversations will be a pleasure.

You can experience the ultimate listening experience with EARPANDA PRO 3-IN-1.

The Five Main Reasons EARPANDA PRO Enhances Your Ultimate Listening Experience(1/5)

1. You'll Hear TV Louder and Clearer and Not Disturbing Others.

There are always some seniors and hard of hearing complaining that Wireless TV headphones are not loud enough. there are two main possible reasons.

First, their TV's audio signal is weaker than usual. There are so many different TVs from different manufacturers with different settings.

If your original TV output signal is weak, then even after amplifying by regular wireless TV headphones, you will still hear the TV not loud enough.

The second possible reason is some elderly are more serious hearing loss than mild and moderate. Please understand wireless hearing headphones work for seniors and the hard of hearing, not suitable for severe hearing loss.

When we began to develop Earpanda Pro TV Headsets, we keep customers in mind and try to improve typical wireless TV hearing headphones. So, we did special treatment at Earpanda Pro TV base.

No matter how weak your TV output is, as long as there is audio out from your TV, you can hear very loud and clear.

Also, we have custom horns with professional horn manufacturers For Earpanda Pro.

Earpanda Pro wireless Bluetooth headphones listening system sound louder, and still, crystal clear.

The Highest Record we took from a few times random sound level testing with a digital sound level meter. it is 100% true.

You will still benefit from customized bass-treble and left-right ear volume functions.

With Earpanda Pro Wireless TV Headphones, You will Hear TV not only louder but also clearer.

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