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old couples are watching TV with earpanda wireless tv headphones
About Us

Hear TV Loud & Clear Easily

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A few years ago when I graduated from university and worked in a small OEM factory in China for customers worldwide.

They gave us orders,we just delivered as they request.

Customers tried their best to press us for lowest prices,we tried our best to make it lowest acceptable quality,no customers services at all.

All are one-off sales,we do not care how they sells and whether their end customers like our products or not.

I am just doing such meaningless job,like millions of international sales in our country-factory of the whole world.NO Sense of achievement,NO Connection with Customers,Not to mention end customers.


In the year 2014 my daughter was born,and my mother came to live with us together to take care of the angel of my whole family.

Then I found that my mom is a bit hard of hearing, and her old Nokia is nout loud enough.

even set volume max,she cannot hear clearly.

Due to not able to hear clearly, she is unwilling to make calls to friends and relatives to relieve loneliness.

I cam image how alone she feels as a old woman who lives over 50 years in the countryside and use to chat and play with Neighbors, now in the big city all Neighbors doors are closed all the time and do not know each other for years.

I bought her a few other phones but not working.

I had tried to take her to the hospital to get a pair of hearing aids, but she refused. Partly reason is she does not want to be treated disabled in public, and partly reason is hearing aids are so damn expensive.

Then someday I gave her a set of tv headset to try,she used it to make a phone call and said it is much louder and clearer now.

I suddenly feel my job has a meaning now.i never notice such a bulky tv headset can really do help for seniors and hearing impaired.


Later we found our customers did not care their end customers-hard of hearing seniors.

They never take time to understand older people needs well.

They just sell it like any regular consumer electronics.

I had the idea that all products for seniors needs more considerations from design and functions.


So in the year 2017,I,together with a few friends setup Earpanda to offer hard of hearing seniors directly wireless headphones designed for their daily listening life.

Earpanda people share the same concept:help older persons and hard of hearing hear loud and clear easily and privately for less.

I can feel older people are so lovely,kind,easy to communicate,and sadly,a bit alone after we have a few chances to communicate with seniors deeply myself.

We always believe seniors and older people worth hearing better,in the simplest way.

You may feel Earpanda products are a bit bulky or less technology compared with many big brands.

We are confident it is more important for seniors to use effortlessly and in their full control.

When developing a new product and decide whether to use a new,cool,advanced technology or old,not so cool technology but more reliable,and easy to use for seniors,we are always determined to choose the latter.

Technologies are for people,not people for technologies.

We realize well Earpanda is still a small and young brand,our products may not that reliable,but we can promise all customers who trust us,we can not ensure our products are 100% perfect,but we can ensure we will provide you the best customer services.

Also we are keeping improving day by day, we are always so glad when we can hear a feedback and suggestion from our lovely older customers to help us improve product quality and customer services.

This is Earpanda Concept,also its Value for Customers,and for ourselves.


Earpanda Founder

Theodore Zhou

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