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Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones for Seniors | Cordless TV Listening Earbuds for Hard of Hearing

Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones for Seniors | Cordless TV Listening Earbuds for Hard of Hearing to Hear Television Clearly and Privately - Plug and Play, Rechargeable Hearing Aid for TV Watching.

CLEAR AS A BELL: Forget about reading subtitles, blasting the TV sound to the max, or not clearly listening to words and sounds. Listen to the TV perfectly clear with the Earpanda TV wireless headphones with charger and transmitter, which uses special technology to enhance and clarify the volume while clearly transmitting it to your ears with our balance adapter and base.

CONNECT TO ANY AUDIO DEVICE: These earphones for TV hearing impaired are compatible with Digital and Analog TVs audio outs. Our TV headset for the elderly comes with Optical Cable, RCA Cable, 3.5mm cable, power adapter, balance adapter, and 2 replacement earbuds. This covers most of the installation options to set up cordless headphones for TV listening. Please note: for Dolby and Netflix TV you need to set the TV AUDIO OUT to PCM First.

PLUG AND PLAY: Unlike most headphones for TV for hard of hearing, the Earpanda TV headsets wireless rechargeable devices are plug and play. They require no pairing. The state-of-the-art transmitter also means that there will be no delays. Just get your wireless earbuds for TV listening and transform your viewing to complete clarity. Additionally, the sound of these wireless headphones for TV can be adjusted (Bass-Treble; Left-Right for Seniors and Hearing Impaired).

DURABILITY YOU CAN TRUST: The Earpanda TV headphones wireless digital devices come with cordless earphones for TV that are flexible, yet rigid, allowing you to use them for years to come. Even more, as one of the best headphones for TV listening, they are also great as gifts for the elderly. The hearing aid TV headphones are also great if you want to watch TV quietly not disturbing anyone in your household. Finished using them? Just put them on the charger, for them to recharge.

HERE FOR ANY HELP YOU MAY NEED: Although, they are simple to setup with Plug and Play, our TV headphones for the hearing impaired come with detailed instructions. There are also detailed instructions below. Our customer support is here for any queries that you may have regarding our TV listening devices.

Are you in need of TV hearing aid devices wireless for seniors?

Looking for the best headphone for TV watching?

Meet the Earpanda TV headphones wireless for seniors. These rechargeable wireless headphones for TV watching come with optical cable, RCA cable, 3.5mm cable, power adapter, balance adapter, and 2 replacement earbuds allowing you to connect the headset to any audio device.

Using advanced technologies for perfectly clear sound transmission and enhancement, these headphones are suitable for seniors and Hard of Hearing to Hear TV Clearly and Privately.

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