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Earpanda Wireless TV headphones for Hard of Hearing Seniors Updates

In the past a few years,Earpanda got random customer complaints about our TV headphones wireless is not loud enough,and during the lockdown time this year,we begin to think if we can do something to satisfy more hearing impaired so they can hear TV more clearly.

Fianlly we have customized the new horn,with many many year experience in TV Headphones for seniors to hear TV loud and clear,also privately.

Below are two photos we took with our phone and sound level testing apps.

we just did a simple test,and we do not guarantee the testing results,due to many uncoltrollable factors there.

We are just confident the new upgraded horn will make Earpanda Wireless TV headphones sound more louder for seniors TV listening.

Please check below our video so you can feel more clearly.

Besides this,we have also made a few small details improvements.

  1. TV Base Improvement

Previous TV sound Light and Charging light share the same position,so it is hard to tell if the headset is charging or not.

Now we seperate them in two positions,so seniors and hard of hearing will find if it is charging or not at a glance.

2.Headset Tube and Eartips.

these improvements are small,you may feel the improvement or not.

We just wish you can wear our headsets more comfortable,less burden.

3.Charging Needles and Battery.

we wish the upgraded,more high quality charging needles will make you charge more smoothly and easily.

Considering the new upgraded horn will consume more power,we have worked with a big reliable li-ion battery to provide more expensive,more reliable A-class battery.

EVen though due to room limit,the new battery is still 400mAh,we wish it can last a bit longer.

these are very very small improvements,many will not even noticed these changes.

we simply wish you know that Earpanda Cares you and are always doing our best to provide more reliable products and services at affordable prices.

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