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Earpanda Welcome Customers worldwide

Earpanda is a registered trademakr of Shenzhen Soundaids Co.,ltd,a professional OEM manufacturer of Wireless TV Hea

dphones for seniors and hard of hearing.

We are a ypung,passionate but professional team in designing,producing,and sales of Wireless Headphones for TV,TV assistive listening devices,TV listening aids,TV listening devices,TV hearing devices,TV listening system for many brands worldwide for several years.

We are in this niche market for several years with deep understanding of our end customers,seniors and hearing impaired.

Also we know them well,what they want,what they like,what they dislike,

So many lovely customers give us so many valueable advises.

we love them,believe they deverse better and easy to use,reliable tools to make they hear better,not only for TV watching,but also for daily communications.

we promose to all customers worry-free services.

we are always working hard to imporve our products and services to better satisfy those people who are like our parents and grandparents,also our friends.

Welcome customers and partners who share the same idea to work with us to develop even better products to satisfy well customers worldwide.

Always welcome to contact us for any suggestion or advises at info (at)

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