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“EARPANDA Wireless TV Headphones for Seniors FAQs”

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Suggestion for EARPANDA Wireless TV Headphones New Users

1. Please make sure to connect the audio cable of wireless tv headphones at both ends, and only use one cable when uploading videos or audios.

2. Keep your home Wi-Fi device away from television bases as they may interfere with signals - this could cause a reduction in sound quality.

3. We don't recommend our tv listening headphones for people with severe hearing loss, because the sound can be difficult to follow when there's a lot going on around you.

4.Make sure your TV has an audio out option if possible or else this product will not work properly.


1.Why I Can Only Hear Static or Nothing?

Please turn off Dolby if you are using TV and internet streaming services. To get the best sound from our wireless tv headphones for seniors, try changing it to a non-5.1 surround option for your device's speakers or headphones.

2.Why I Can Not Hear TV For My Netflix TV?

To get the most out of Netflix, make sure that you have your streaming device's audio output set to Stereo or Linear PCM.

3.Why I Can Not Mute TV?

To hear from the TV and not have sound carry over to your wireless tv headphones, you must make sure that they relate to a device called "TV Headphones Base." This will allow you only through TVs directly rather than any other type of box.

4.Why My TV Hearing Headphones Sound Poor?

It's possible that the audio cable isn't connected firmly. Please disconnect and reconnect it to see if that makes a difference, then turn off your headphones before connecting back up again.

5.Why My TV Listening Headphones Affects My Wi-Fi?

The 2.4G technology used in these newer models of wireless routers is designed to provide an interference-free connection, but unfortunately it conflicts with most home Wi-Fi devices like your TV and computer because they both use this frequency range for their signals as well. To avoid any problems, we recommend placing the base away from such electronics when possible or using an older model that doesn't have this problem (if you don’t mind sacrificing some features).

6.Why I Feel the Headphones Too Heavy?

The wireless tv headphones for seniors and hard of hearing are designed to provide listeners with longer lasting power. To do so, we have used a high volume li-ion rechargeable battery that is lightweight and comfortable for wearing behind your head or straight out in front.

7.Why I Feel the Headphones Not Fit My Head?

The universal design of these tv hearing headphones will fit any customer. Press the arms for a while until they are fixed in shape, and you're all set!

8.Can I Get More Sets of EARPANDA TV Headphones for More TVs At Home?

You want to get two separate sets of headphones so that you can watch TV in different rooms, right? No problem. You'll be able to use one set for when the family is around and another by yourself or guests who aren't as privileged with hearing what's going on. It's very easy to setup two sets of TV headphones in one room. In fact, you can use them for whichever listening option that suits your preference: stereo or surround sound.

9.Why My TV Hearing Headphones Can Not Charge or Can Only Charge in One Charging Slot?

You can use your headphones some time and charge them again if they're out of power. This might be because only one charging slot is available, but there are different voltages for each individual port on the device which could cause a problem with that pair’s battery. Normally when you plug in multiple inserts into an outlet or USB port all will get charged at once; however, this does not work so well due to differences between their supply’s voltage levels (an issue known as "voltage regulation”). So, by being mindful about where each set goes after its first charge session, we'll avoid any potential headaches down the line.

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