Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones for Seniors FAQ

Suggestion for Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones New Users:

1)Please make sure AUDIO CABLE is firmly attached at both ends and only one AUDIO CABLE is used every time;

2)Please Keep TV Base away from home wifi devices;

3)Not Suitable For Severe Hearing Loss;

4)Not Workable with Old TV without Audio Out Option At All.


1.Why i can only hear static or nothing?

For all TV and internet TV with dolby,please turn off dolby.

If surroundsound (5.1) is selected, try changing it to a non-5.1 option.

2.Why i can not hear TV for my Netflix TV?

For Netflix TV,please adjust your streaming device's audio output settings to Stereo or Linear PCM output.

3.Why I can not mute TV?

To Mute TV and hear from headphones,you must make sure TV Headphones base is connected with TV directly,not through any TV box.

If your TV is already connected with TV box and no extra audio out for TV base,please set your TV and TV box volumes MINIMUM.You will achieve the same function as MUTE.

4.why my TV headphones sound poor?

Most likely the audio cable is not connected firmly.

please disconnect the audio cable and turn off the headphones,and connect again.

5.Why my TV headphones affectes my wifi?

They both use 2.4G technology,naturally they will conflict with each other.

we suggest you place the TV base away from home wifi devices.

6.why i feel the headphones too heavy?

To make sure the headphones long working time,we have used a high volume li-ion rechargeable battery.High volume means a little heavy weight.

we suggest you can try to wear the headphones behind your head.

7.why i feel the headphones not fit my head ?

It's a universal shape for all customers.

we suggest you press the headphones arms for some time to make its shape fixed.

8.Can i get more sets of Earpanda TV headphones for more TVs at home?

sure,no problem.

You can get one set of TV headphones for bedroom,and another set for living room.even if two TV bases are very close to each other,they will work fine.

9.Why my headphones can not charge or can only charge in one charging slot?Normally there is only one reason the headphones will not charge,its battery is full.

you can use the headphones some time and charge again.

As why only charge in one charging slot,it is because the two charging slot has a very small charging voltage differences.

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