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Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones for seniors a little improvement

we understand many Earpanda Wireless TV Headphones users,most seniors and hearing impaired,complainted about that after long time use,it will feel not very comfortable for their ears.

In fact,for any earbuds in their ears,even wearing very long time,people will feel a little hurt.

So,in last year,we have planned to upgrade our earbuds from regular plastic to memory-foam.

we uploaded a short vidoe to let people understand what memory-foam earbuds are:

But due to the COVID-19,every plan was delayed.

We had a very hard time and luckily finally we survived and do the upgrade successfully recently.

All standard earpanda tv headphones will equip thick memory-foam earbuds.

We even did some tests from some very nice customers to see if they like the new earbuds.

Good news is they all like the upgraded earbuds,appearances much better,but feedbacks show that actual wearing experiences did not improve a lot.

But as long as our lovely customers like,we will do the change.

Earpanda promose to provide worry-free customer service.

With our passion,with our heart,for all lovely customers.

They deserve it.

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