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ExtraEars Wireless Bluetooth TV headphones for seniors and the hard of hearing

To Hear TV, Phone Loud and Clear.

Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing

extraears bluetooth hearing headphones.jpg

Hear TV, Phone & Chat At Ease.

extraears bluetooth hearing headphones watching TV.jpg

ExtraEars are the headphones you'll want to wear daily.

More Details:

  • Volume, Tone, Balance Adjustments.

  • 900Mah A-Class rechargeable battery for 8 hours of use, Magnet charging. Extra USB-C charging port.Battery NTC protection, Automatic stop charging when full, low power reminding.

  • Back Clip and 1.2m wire help you place ExtraEars Anywhere in your sofa, pocket, collar, or belt, move around or go out freely.

  • Easily change to your favorite headphones instead.

extraears bluetooth hearing headphones TV listening.jpg

Watching TV, talking on the phone, and having face-to-face conversations will be a pleasure.

You can experience the ultimate listening experience with ExtraEars.

  • You'll Hear TV Clearly and Not Disturbing Others.

  • You'll Hear Phone calls and music loud and clear.

  • You can switch between TV listening and phone listening in a second.

  •  Easy for your face-to-face conversations.

  •  Last but not least, You have the choice of headphones at your comfort.

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