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Earpanda Wireless TV Hearing Headphones for Hearing Impaired Seniors


EARPANDA Wireless TV Headphones are the best TV headphones you can find with Personal Sound Amplifier. We can summarize the features as:

1. EARPANDA’s TV hearing headphones have a unique original design that makes them easy to charge and perfect for seniors with poor eyesight.

2. Plus,their 2.4G wireless technology ensures stable signals so there's no interference from other devices in your home or office space.

3. Turn on and play--EARPANA does all this work for you without needing pairing codes like some competitors' products require.

4. The TV has three different types of cable: one for Digital and Analogue TVs. No matter what type you need, our wireless tv headphones for seniors and hard of hearing will have the perfect length connector to match up with your devices needs.

5. With an automatic stop to ensure safety, this battery will never pose a threat to you or your surroundings. It features anti-short circuit protection and over voltage prevention for maximum performance in all conditions.

6. Easily replaceable battery, making it easy for the user to get their power when they need it.

7. The detachable li-ion batteries can be easily swapped out and even with one completely drained there is still plenty left in stock.

8. Some people are born with perfect hearing, but others require the help of an expert to get them heard. Our wireless tv headphones for seniors can adjust your tone, volume, and balance for optimal clarity so that you hear exactly what is being said without distortion or excessive background noise interference!

9. Built-in mic makes it a portable personal sound amplifier. Just press the MIC button at the back of your headset, and you'll have an amplified voice that is clear for you to hear. Press again the headset will return to receive sound from your TV.

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