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  • can you still hear the TV through the tv speakers when another person is using the earphones?
    Yes. Sure. Earpanda wireless tv headphones are for seniors and hearing impaired to hear tv clearly and privately,without blasting others out. You can set the volume and tone from tv headsets and keep tv volume normal for family or friends to enjoy tv together. Also you can minimum or mute TV if you are watching TV alone at night.
  • Can the volume be turned down enough so as not to be too loud for a person with normal hearing?
    yes,we can. Earpanda TV Headphones are designed for seniors and hard of hearing to watch TV clearly and quietly,certainly can be used for people with normal hearing. You can set TV volume minimum or mute,and still hear clearly from tv earphones. Never worrying about disturbing others or blasting others out in the room.
  • Does it work for my smart TV?
    yes,no problem. Earpanda Wireless Headphones for TV is compatible with digital and analog TVs,also for any audio devices with 3.5mm audio jack. You can find the supplied optical cables to connect your TV and Earpanda wireless tv headphones tv base.
  • Why It Does Not Work With My TV?
    According to customer feedbacks,if you are using Netflix TV or any other internet TV,please adjust your streaming device's audio output settings to Stereo or Linear PCM output. For TV with dolby,please turn off dolby. If surroundsound (5.1) is selected, try changing it to a non-5.1 option.otherwise you will hear static or nothing. Please note our TV headphone can not work with very old TVs without any audio out jack.
  • WHY NO SOUND or sound is poor?
    In most cases,if the audio cable is not connected with your TV or TV box well,this problem will happen. you can try to rotate the audio cable connecting with your TV end to see if it works,which is to make sure both ends are formly attached. If rotating is not working, please disconnect the audio cable,turn off the TV base and tv headsets,and connect cable again,turn on the base,tv earphones again.
  • Why i can not mute my TV?
    If you found you can not mute your TVs,once muting TV,Earpanda wireless TV headphones will also have no sound. This is mainly because your TV is connected with some kinds of TV boxes. Then for TV Headphones TV audio signal source is from the TV box,not TV. so if you mute your TV in this case,actually you turned off the TV sound source to TV box absolutely. Therefore TV Headphones will be no sound. If your TV audio outputs are all taken,we suggest you just set TV volume minimum,in this case you will achieve the same function as muting TV.
  • Can we use multiple TV headphones at home at the same time?
    Yes,you can. You can set one set of Earpanda wireless TV headphones at bedroom,and another set in living room. Even if The two TV bases are very close with each other,there will be no conflict. TV Headsets will pair the nearest TV audio signal automatically and once paired,it will keep audio stable even though you wear the tv headsets into the next room.
  • Why i can not hear TV for my Netflix TV?
    For Netflix TV,please adjust your streaming device's audio output settings to Stereo or Linear PCM output.
  • why I feel the headphones is too heavy?
    sorry about it,to make sure the headphones long working time,we have used a high quality li-ion rechargeable battery. we think for most customers,it is not acceptable to reduce working time for less weight. we suggest users who feel the headphones too heavy can try to wear the headphones behind their heads. you can check this video for reference:
  • WHY i feel the headphones not fit my head very well?
    If your head is a bit smaller or larger than the TV headsets,we suggest you can press the headphones arms for some time to make its shape fixed. In the TV earphones,there is a strong and flexible steel bar inside each arm. So do not worry about pressing or pulling the arms to break it asily.
  • Does charging light go off when fully charged?
    yes. Earpanda wireless tv headphones system are checking battery status all the time during charging. When battery is full,the charging will stop automatically and charging light off. This automatic charging stop is for protecting the battery from overcharge,to help battery last long.
  • Do the arms break off at the base like the tv ears brand? tired of buying tv ears replacement.
    Never had that issue with Ear Panda Headphones. Ours haven't
  • the mic works great, but when mic is turned off only static. Help"
    thanks for your questions. we had customers who had this problem before and all got solved easily. please follow these instructuions on your TV: 1)For TV with dolby,please turn off dolby.If surround sound (5.1) is selected, try changing it to a non-5.1 option. 2)For Netflix TV,please adjust your streaming device's audio output settings to Stereo or Linear PCM output. 3)If you can hear TV but poor sound quality, try to disconnect and connect again to avoid not firmly connected at both ends of audio cable or change to another audio cable if available.
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