Earpanda Wireless TV Hearing Headphones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

Earpanda Wireless TV Hearing Headphones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

Earpanda-Not just a Wireless TV Headphones,but also a Personal Sound Amplifier

Earpanda Wireless Headphones for TV Key Features:

1).Unique Original double-side rechargeable design makes TV headset double side charge easily.

most seniors and hard of Hearing also have poor eyesighting,so easy charging is important for them.

2).Inside 2.4G with advanced FHSS(Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology,making its signal very stable and good anti-signal-interference capability.

Turn on and play,no need pairing,no time delay.

3).Equipped with digital optical cable,RCA cable,3.5mm cable for digital and analog TV users.

4).Anti-short-circuits and over-voltage protection,automatic stopping recharging when battery is full; 5).Detachable li-ion battery,easy to replace batteries yourself.

users can buy batteries and replace themselves,no need to buy new ones if batteries dies after long time use. 6).Tone,Volume,Balance and mono&stereo sound adjustment to meet your unique hearing requirement.

7).Built-in MIC makes it a portable personal sound amplifier.

Just press the MIC button at the back of the headset.

the headset will become a personal sound amplifier immediately.

Press again the headset will return to receive sound from the TV asap.

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